The Beginning…

As mentioned in the page about who I am, it states that I have never traveled. This is a new venture I am just opening my wings to and cannot wait to start. If you have not read the about page on this blog, you will need to know the one fundamental to it, the name! Piccione, which is my family surname, means Pigeon in Italian and pronounced Pe-Cho-Nee.

After some extensive research regarding traveling (because I am such an amateur at this game) I am now super excited to get on the travel train. As I have heard, once you get bitten by the travel bug, it is going to be something difficult to ever give up. Well, I am ready! I have always longed to travel and follow some amazing blogs and websites as well as Instagram accounts that show off the world in such a positive light that I have wished and dreamed to be able to do the same for so long. Luckily, I have been given this incredible opportunity to do so and I am going to embrace it with open arms!

Piccione Takes Flight is going to be an online journal of my adventures and travels to wherever the wind takes me. It will be filled with photos as well as short stories of my experiences. I am particularly starting this blog, so that my family can see exactly what I am doing and where I am (just to make you feel as ease Mum, wink wink!). I am also hoping whoever reads this blog, will be entertained and encouraged to stretch those wings and fly somewhere that will amplify their experiences and tweak all the senses too.

To start off this journal of story telling, here is a funny little movie I put together of some great people I worked with in Johannesburg. As you will hear, Pikachu was my nickname because it sounded like Piccione and Piccione was too difficult to pronounce.









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