Narita Shinsho-ji Buddhist Temple

Today was the first day I felt almost myself and not too badly jet-lagged! I have been so excited to get up and out to start exploring Japan. As is was a beautiful day today (although freezing cold at -2°C) I decided that it was worth getting out to visit the famous Narita-san Shinsho-ji Buddhist Temple.  (Hover over the images in this post for captions.)

I kitted up with boots, scarf and warm feather down jacket (as mentioned here) and set off on the bus to the nearest station to get to the Temple. Walking down to the temple from the station was rather entertaining. I passed a so many little quaint shops with different bobble-head toys, ceramics, Kimmidolls or pickled foods as well as restaurants.

Walking into the Temple was special. I could feel a certain sense of serenity among the bustle of all the tourists doing exactly what I was.

This Temple and the surrounding gardens are absolutely magnificent! I spent hours walking around soaking up all the beauty. The exquisite detailing on one of the buildings and sculptures were breathtaking, it took an inordinate amount of time (10 years) by Matsumoto Ryozan to construct these  masterpieces. All 500 Buddah disciples’ expressions are different!

Turtles on arrival in the little entrance ponds, Koi, beautifully manicured gardens, Cherry Blossoms, waterfalls and even a few Pigeons (I think they’re following me around:))



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