Tokyo Kitchen

What a wonderful morning in Tokyo!! We spent the morning with Yoshimi in her Tokyo Kitchen learning how to cook Oyakodon. This is a main rice dish with a chicken and egg topping. We made three side dishes too, potato miso soup, chilled tofu with a salsa type topping and lastly, spinach dressed with a sesame and soy sauce.

Set out in this way by rule, rice dish bottom left, soup bottom right and the sub dishes above with chop sticks at the bottom.

The day started out by catching the early bus to the Narita International Airport in order to catch the train into Tokyo. Our class started at 10am so it was an early start from Narita. We arrived at the Kaminarimon Gate outside the Sensoji Temple where our wonderful hostess and teacher met ourselves, a couple from Singapore and a couple from the US that have been living in Tokyo and have come back for a second time to Yoshimi’s class.

A short walk alongside the Sumida River where the Tokyo Skytree is clearly visible as well as the interesting architecture of the Asahi Beer headquarters. Yoshimi had some wonderful information on each of the landmarks which kept our cold walk interesting.

Once our outside shoes were stowed away at the front entrance, we put our inside slippers on and began our class. Yoshimi started us off with some green tea and the background about the food in Japan and how the Japanese keep their dishes interesting and seasonal due to the various types of food available at different times of the year. Etiquette was another topic covered which was really interesting, especially when compared to Chinese table etiquette and what is accepted in Japan and is seen differently in China.

Learning to make these different dishes was such a treat. Coming from a completely different part of the world and being taught the traditional way was an experience to remember and one I highly recommend. I won’t go into too much detail about the dishes as I feel it is imperative to go to the Tokyo Kitchen and try it out yourself! Have a look at the website and book your class ASAP.







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