Tokyo Skytree

I have always dreamed of visiting famous landmarks on each of the continents such as the Eiffel Tower in France, Statue of liberty in the U.S., Christ the Redeemer statue in Brazil and the Skytree in Tokyo.

I have now managed to tick one of those landmarks off of my list! What an experience it was! After our cooking lesson at Tokyo Kitchenย ย we took a walk up to the tower which about a 10 minute walk. Due to it being on a Sunday, the streets were full and when we got to the entrance of the Skytree area, it was buzzing with people.

We bought our ticket and waited in line for about 15 minutes to which we squeezed into an elevator to get to the top. We felt like sardines crammed into this elevator. My imagination let loose with the bow of theย Japanese guide after the elevator doors closed, the classical music in the background and cramming into this tiny dark space with so many people, it felt like a scene in a horror movie!

This elevator was fast!! In seconds, after our ears popped a few times on the way up, we were at the first stage of the tower. It was breathtaking. It looked as if we were these giant people that had just completed our Lego town below us. The enormous buildings we passed on our walk to the Skytree, looked minute and the people walking on the streets below, were smaller than ants!

Of course we had to then catch the next elevator up to the very highest point in this tower and the highest viewpoint in the world! At 451.2m high, we stood in awe staring out over a city that didn’t seem to end. Wherever we looked, there were buildings (and that is just Tokyo!). In the distance on a clear day, Mount Fuji sticks out of the clouds but on this day, it was a lazy Sunday and the great big mountain remained under his blankets of cloud.




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