Sunny Store & Cafe

Walking through Harajuku is something everyone should experience. The colour and variety of fashion and eateries or cafes are endless. I met up with Danielle from the UK, a Tokyo Blogger of the Lost Girl in Tokyo, to explore the streets of Harajuku and surrounds. One of our stops was at Sunny Store & Cafe for a coffee and the famous pancakes!

Danielle from Lost Girl in Tokyo

As we entered the cafe, we were greeted by the giant Sunny!


The cafe is very clean and chic with stark white walls and wooden flooring, incorporating the minimalist touch of brass and greenery among the tables.

There is only a small menu available to choose from with fruit teas, foreign coffees and sweet or savory pancakes. A specialty at Sunny Store & Cafe is their detox water. Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of them but the waters were laid out in glass jars, each with their own fruit and herbs for various detoxing. Danielle had a divine looking marshmallow latte, I had a cappuccino and we shared a decadent stack of pancakes with strawberries and cream. Most delicious pancakes I think I have ever eaten! Definitely worth your while and a possible wait (they are very popular)!




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