T.Y. Harbor Brewery

There has always been a connotation in my life that drinking beer is for men only. From my father, uncles, brothers and male friends, the majority all drink beer whereas the women will drink wine. I never used to enjoy the bitter gassy taste of beer. Since the craft beer trend has been on the rise, … More T.Y. Harbor Brewery

Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower is a sight I have always wanted to see. From so many pictures I have seen taken from Tokyo on social media and travel blogs, Tokyo Tower is generally featured. We were lucky enough to visit it during the evening so we got to see it day and night. After a walk around … More Tokyo Tower

Ramen Bayashi

I have to admit, I have become slightly addicted to Ramen since I have been in Japan! Ramen is a traditional Japanese noodle soup dish where in some places the noodles vary in size and by ingredient (wheat, rice etc) but one has the option to choose between a pork, fish and soy or miso … More Ramen Bayashi

Exploring Hakone

Exploring Hakone was on the cards for our second day in this mountainous destination. After day 1 in Gora, and a good nights sleep, we had a wonderful traditional breakfast to start the day off. The breakfasts in Japan are completely different to the ones we’re used to in the western parts of the world. Mainly … More Exploring Hakone

The Mountainous Hakone

Since we arrived in Japan, the mountainous Hakone area has been highly recommended as a getaway destination for the hot springs and views of Mt. Fuji. Hakone is in the Kanagwa prefecture of Japan and is about 1h40 mins train ride from Shinjuku, Tokyo. I recommend taking the “Romance car” / Odakyu Limited Express as it is a … More The Mountainous Hakone