Island Vintage Coffee

After walking the streets of Harajuku all morning with Danielle of Lost Girl in Tokyo, we decided it was time to put the shopping on hold for a well deserved lunch break. Shopping and walking gets rather tiring, so in order to recharge the batteries, we stopped in at Island Vintage Coffee in Shibuya.

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Walking up the stairs into the cafe with the big windows all around set a wonderful city cafe scene! We were lucky to find a table for the 2 of us as it was super busy. On the table there was a note asking to please not stay for longer than 90 minutes as it is such a busy spot.

Island Vintage Coffee originates from Hawaii, Kona and has expanded world wide since 1996. Reading up on the background of the brand from their website, there is a great story about an ancient Hawaiian warrior who introduced the country to agriculture and brought in the coffee tree in 1813 which symbolized many things from hope and prosperity to wealth for the people of Hawaii. The great resemblance of the blooming coffee tree to the country’s characteristics was said to bring upon the spirit of  Hawaii called “Aloha”.

Danielle and I chose sandwiches to fill the gap in our stomachs. Both chicken, but Danielle’s with avocado and mine with pesto. I have to say, we were both rather surprised when hers came out with black toasted bread – she said it tasted rather peppery but really tasty! My crispy, lightly toasted sandwich had pesto added to the chicken which was so flavorful I will never forget it, and don’t think I’ll be able to find another sandwich so tasty! Both our side salads had wonderfully roasted pistachio nuts sprinkled in between the lettuce leaves adding a sneaky saltiness to what would have been an ordinary side salad.

Very pretty plates indeed for a quick bite to eat! If you’re in the area of Harajuku / Shibuya, do yourself a favor and visit Island Vintage Coffee for a treat on the taste buds!





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