Vintage Stores in Harajuku

This post is a little different from the usual travel, sightseeing and touring posts I have been writing so far. I do have an obsession with fashion and as promised in this post, I said I’d tell you all about the vintage stores in Harajuku.


I read up a little about these stores before in Time Out Tokyo and couldn’t wait to explore the streets of Harajuku to find these little gems. Most of the stores have wracks outside on the street to lure you in and well done to them, it certainly worked!

After seeing kitsunekun on instagram in her beautiful Kimono, I had to go out and find myself one. She recommended Chicago which has gorgeous traditional vintage kimonos at the back of their store as well as a huge range of other clothing, like demin, trench coats, dresses etc. There are two shops in this district and both have an amazing range!

Flamingo was another store we popped into which was lovely! The decor in the store caught the eye first with jewelry laid out beautifully and little touches of elegance made the shopping an experience.

Slow, what a beautiful store. This store was tiny but had some genuine vintage pieces which I believe have been imported from the USA and Europe. Items range in price and are quite a bit more than the other stores we visited. Absolutely gorgeous pieces that are the epitome of vintage!

Again, I was so impressed with the styling of all the mannequins, shop windows an displays. The Japanese really do have wonderful fashion style and taste. This will most certainly not be the last time I visit the stores and there are plenty more than the ones mentioned here.




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