A little taste of France in Japan

This little piece of heaven has stolen my heart. I say it is a little taste of France in Japan even though I haven’t been to France, but the cozy cafe Boulangerie Jean Francois France is something from all the pictures I have seen of French bakeries and patisseries. Walking in, there is an array of pastries and breads, sweet and savoury which spark all the taste senses and my mind goes off into a happy foodie dream.

The glorious scent of the bakery filled the underground walkways in the Yokohama Porta luring us in with it’s warm, mouthwatering aroma. Entering the little bakery, decorated like a little cafe in France playing French music in the background, I forgot that I was actually in Japan!

There are a few of these little cafe’s around Japan. Two that I had the pleasure of visiting were in Yokohama Porta and near the Shibuya crossing in Mark City shopping center. It was impossible for me to walk in without getting something to take home and enjoy with a cup of tea or coffee. Mmmm!

It is quite amazing how the smell of a bakery can grasp hold of ones heart and soul and comfort one into a ball of utter contentment.



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