Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower is a sight I have always wanted to see. From so many pictures I have seen taken from Tokyo on social media and travel blogs, Tokyo Tower is generally featured. We were lucky enough to visit it during the evening so we got to see it day and night.

After a walk around Ginza, which I will post about soon, we met up with the boys at Tokyo Station. A beautiful old building with a Western style face brick which has lasted since 1914. The day we passed the front of the building they had hoarding up for construction and maintenance, luckily we were still able to see the beautiful old building among such large city skyscrapers!

From here we took the train to the Tokyo Tower and walked up toward it from the station through a little park scattered with gorgeous flowers.

Once we were in the tower, we walked around to some of the souvenir shops as well as to find somewhere to have dinner. We decided to stop in at the Tower’s Diner which served some wonderful treats for our hungry tummies!

As mentioned in posts before, it is Sakura season and everything is either decorated with them or flavoured with them. I had a Sakura Gin and tonic, it was delicious! It really would be more suited on the beach, or poolside on a hot summers day. The burger and salad that was ordered was absolutely delicious as well and very well priced for the portions we received.

After dinner we caught the lift up to the top of the tower which was spectacular to view at night. All the city lights on the clear night were so bright and we were even able to see a feris wheel across town, illuminating the sky with all it’s wonderful colours. Inside the observation deck, there was a projection of a dream-like world across all the top windows making the experience magical!

Definitely a trip worth making if you’re in Tokyo! After seeing the Sky Tree during the day, this view, although much lower, was spectacular at night with all the city lights.




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