T.Y. Harbor Brewery

There has always been a connotation in my life that drinking beer is for men only. From my father, uncles, brothers and male friends, the majority all drink beer whereas the women will drink wine. I never used to enjoy the bitter gassy taste of beer. Since the craft beer trend has been on the rise, I have to admit I have become a huge fan! In South Africa, craft beer breweries are popping up all over the country and more women are seen to be enjoying them too! One evening whilst we were staying in Tokyo, we decided to head out to T.Y.Harbor Brewery and Restaurant in Shinagawa.


At the time we were staying at the Haneda Jal City Hotel which made it very easy to get to the T.Y.Harbor Brewery, much to all the men in our groups excitement. We caught the train Tenkubashi Station to Tennozu Isle Monorail station which only took us about 15 minutes! We walked alongside the river which was beautiful as all the lights from the neighboring buildings reflected and glistened in the movement of the water. Boats taking people on night cruises were lit up with music playing along the river.

The brewery restaurant had some interesting beers to try out, one of which was a Sakura ale for the Cherry Blossom season. One of the most delicious beers I think I have ever tasted. A toasty, roasted flavour with a hint of saltiness from the Sakura was a favourite at the table. Another interesting concoction us girls tried out was the Cassis Cranberry Beer. On the cocktail list, this pale ale mixed with the sweetness of the cassis and cranberry went down like a homesick mole! Absolutely delicious!

The food served was very tasty. Although the prices were very high, and portion sizes very small, the chef most certainly got the flavours right as we all walked out very content!

This place is definitely one for the books!




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