Kamakura is a place I have had on my travel list for a long time. This city is south of Tokyo and very easy to get to. It took about an hour on the JR train line from Toyko station to the Kita-Kamakura station where we started our little day trip adventure.

After having a read through the post by Japan: The Official Guide about Kamakura I had to see all the points mentioned along this trip. I believe this can be done in a day if there isn’t much stopping in between. Because I have a fascination with everything and anything in this beautiful country, I stopped often to photograph and look around whilst walking along the roadside to Kamakura. Unfortunately because of this, I missed out on a few places that I will need to back another time to see. All the way along the road are little cafes, museums and temples or shrines. A wonderful walk it was along the road gazing at everything so different from where I had just come from. Flowers blooming everywhere was a sure sign that Spring had started!

The first of the temples we visited with a Zen garden, Engaku-ji Temple. This temple was founded in 1282. Absolutely serene and peaceful walking through these grounds! Quite awe-inspiring knowing the history and age of these temples and trees (800 year old trees)!

Walking through a little village then took us to the Kencho-ji Temple which was also lovely. Much bigger grounds than the first with incredible trees, flowers and pathways! this temple is first-ranked of the 5 great Zen temples in Kamakura and is the oldest Zen training monastery in Japan!

At the end of our walk, we were lucky enough to see the Great Buddha or Daibutsu in Kamakura! What a wonderful sight! The seated Buddha is an enormous national treasure. Construction began in 1252 and continued for about a decade thereafter! After seeing this Buddha in all the pictures of landmarks to see in Japan, I was completely thrilled to eventually get to see it with my very own eyes!

He even has great big sandals!

A full day out traveling around on foot had us exhausted by the end! Nothing a Dean & Deluca couldn’t solve for our bus trip back to Narita! What a great little deli / cafe with all sorts of treat, snacks, meals to go or ingredients to make up your own. And the coffee…delicious!

I will definitely be visiting this beautiful part of Japan again in my next trip and spend a little more time in each temple to soak it all up!



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