Ramen Recommendations

If any of you follow me on Instagram, you will see that I have become rather addicted to Ramen! Ramen is a Japanese style noodles in soup dish and is flavoured with different stock or soup like pork or miso and topped off with green onions and often seaweed. The taste is usually quite salty and extremely flavorsome…hence the addiction! Since I have been in Japan, I have taken advantage of being able to eat the local food, if not, why not? And surely the dishes taste better because we’re eating them in the country of origin? Yes, I think so! Here are my ramen recommendations in and around Tokyo:

1.Rokurinsha on Ramen Street in Tokyo Station (六厘舍)

Thick noodles served warm or cold with a hot broth / soup and egg. Literally my best Ramen in Japan so far!!

2. Yamagishi Kazuo Ramen Noodles in Aeon Mall Narita. First place I had Ramen noodles in Japan and one of my regular stops if I am hungry. Big portions but oh so delicious, you can’t help but finish it all!!

3. Tokyo Bal & Restaurant is another favourite. This is in Ginza under the railway in a little alleyway. Tiny restaurant that serves curry as well. Very cozy and full of atmosphere, especially when their “Happy Hour” runs from 11am – 10pm!

4. Ramen in Shibuya. There are so many places to choose from, we stumbled upon this little restaurant after walking around at the Shibuya 109 clothing store. My first completely different tasting ramen dish with citrus flavours – the cittron-salt ramen.

5. Ramen Bayashi in Narita. Still one of my best stops when walking through Narita. See my post here on this little aviation themed Japanese restaurant.

6. Haneda Airport also has some great restaurants and we stopped in at one on the top floor for noodles of course! These Udon noodles came as a part of a meal with the chicken and egg rice as a main. See more on this specific dish here.


I think to conclude, Ramen will be delicious wherever you go! I have not had one bad dish in Japan in the last 6 weeks and I have definitely tried my fair share of noodles! They just keep getting better!



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