Ueno Park

Sakura season has arrived, along with tourists from all over the world! The airports are humming and the parks are packed with people walking around admiring the beautiful Sakura or Cherry blossom trees on show. This is a huge festival in Japan called Hanami where people gather in the parks and picnic with all kinds of delicious food either on sale at the park or bento (beautifully packed lunch) boxes they have prepared from home. We were lucky enough to celebrate Hanami at Ueno Park this last weekend!

The atmosphere is abuzz in these parks with locals soaking up the beauty of their land and tourists with their heads tilted upward gazing at the beautiful trees that look like they’ve been dipped in pink candyfloss. Ueno park in particular was just beautiful! Picnickers filled the park pathways with their picnic baskets and makeshift tables made from boxes. Extremely festive!

We found a little food market which was where we bought some noodles, scallops and warm sake to enjoy at one of the tables among the locals. Our walk back to the station was even more beautiful with the Sakura all lit up from the lanterns and street lamps. What a special experience!

I will be back next year to witness this beautiful phenomenon again, it was one blooming great Hanami!!!



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