Orindo Kamakura

Our trip to Kamakura, as mentioned here, was such a wonderful day out! Walking the streets of this quaint village town was spectacular, watching the locals walk their dogs and passing beautiful little houses with magnificent flowers lining their garden entrances. On our way to one of the temple gardens we had marked out to see for that day, we came across a gorgeous boutique cafe. Passing it on the street, the entrance to the cafe looked as if it had been flown in from England. Orindo Kamakura was an absolute tease on the senses.

Looking quite ridiculous in our walking gear, Sanette and I decided we had to give this little gem of place a try. Walking in, we were greeted as if we were royalty, shown around the little shop side of the cafe and then shown to our seats on a closed in patio with wallpaper to die for! This place is of utmost elegance and we felt like we were dining in the Queen’s quarters.

Everything about this magical patisserie is the definition of chic! The packaging of all their souvenir teas and chocolates are of the highest quality, decorated in such a beautiful way, it was extremely difficult not to take them all! Cakes displayed had been made with complete passion and finesse.

The old coffee machine ended up being my favourite feature, standing so grand and tall in the middle of the dining area! Everything was just beautiful!

And just to top all this glory off, the cappuccinos were brought to us with cinnamon sticks on the saucers! Stirring the cinnamon into the cappuccino had to made the best coffee I have ever tasted! Absolutely divine!

Although this little piece of English heaven was quite pricey, it was so worth the visit! It was the highlight of the trip!




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