Terbodore Coffee Roasters

I am back in South  Africa and what a great day out with the family in the Kwa-Zulu Natal Midlands! The Midlands Meander is a route in KZN where many tourists and locals visit, meandering through the countryside that hosts a choice of wedding venues, hotels, pubs and restaurants. Our family decided to meet up at Terbodore Coffee Roasters for lunch and of course, coffee!

My family are huge fans of coffee so this was the perfect place to meet. The coffee packing room is in the garden where we were seated. Although we weren’t allowed in, the strong smell of coffee that breezed through the garden was just heavenly!

The lunch that was served was plated up beautifully and was delicious! Duck, lamb, fish cakes and Moroccan curry were all the favourites off the menu. Unfortunately no dessert was had, but by the look of the menu, I will be back next time for dessert and coffee only!

The coffee was some of the best I have had in South Africa! A variety of coffees to choose from which was great as well as the size – this mega cup was quite the representation of their mega dogs wandering around their yard. Great Danes are featured on all their branding, clearly inspired by two sleeping peacefully under the trees in the garden.

Quirky little signs and features were something to enjoy when walking around!

What a little gem of a place! They are open for breakfasts, brunches, teas and lunches. Definitely a good spot if you enjoy coffee! I highly recommended Terbodore if you’re in the area or looking for a new stop on the Midlands Meander.



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