Sanette had just arrived in Japan and to save her from falling into the ‘jet-lag’ trap, I took her out for the day to Shibuya! Shibuya Station is known as the busiest station in Japan and I would believe one of the busiest in the world. From not having experience in traveling with public transport, … More Shibuya


One of the capitals of fashion, food and entertainment, Ginza is definitely a district to visit when in Japan! One of the first places I got to see when first arriving in Japan, walking through the streets at night reminded me of the movies I’d seen of New York’s Times Square. Bright lights and bustling … More Ginza

Orindo Kamakura

Our trip to Kamakura, as mentioned here, was such a wonderful day out! Walking the streets of this quaint village town was spectacular, watching the locals walk their dogs and passing beautiful little houses with magnificent flowers lining their garden entrances. On our way to one of the temple gardens we had marked out to … More Orindo Kamakura

Ueno Park

Sakura season has arrived, along with tourists from all over the world! The airports are humming and the parks are packed with people walking around admiring the beautiful Sakura or Cherry blossom trees on show. This is a huge festival in Japan called Hanami where people gather in the parks and picnic with all kinds … More Ueno Park


Kamakura is a place I have had on my travel list for a long time. This city is south of Tokyo and very easy to get to. It took about an hour on the JR train line from Toyko station to the Kita-Kamakura station where we started our little day trip adventure. After having a … More Kamakura

T.Y. Harbor Brewery

There has always been a connotation in my life that drinking beer is for men only. From my father, uncles, brothers and male friends, the majority all drink beer whereas the women will drink wine. I never used to enjoy the bitter gassy taste of beer. Since the craft beer trend has been on the rise, … More T.Y. Harbor Brewery